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Rodney A.

Pectoralis Major Reconstruction

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brian Waterman is proud to have helped his patient Rodney treat a ruptured pectoral muscle. Here is an excerpt from Rodney’s story. ‘Four months ago, I embarked on a life-altering journey that began with a ruptured pectoral muscle. This injury, which I initially underestimated, turned out to be far more serious than I had ever imagined. Today, I want to share my story of this challenging experience, the surgery that followed, and the ups and downs of my recovery process over the past four months.’

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At a Glance

Dr. Brian Waterman, MD

  • Chief & Fellowship Director, Sports Medicine, Wake Forest
  • Team Physician, Wake Forest University, Chicago White Sox
  • Military affiliation/Decorated military officer and surgeon
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