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Dillon F.

Torn shoulder ligament

In the summer of 2015 I returned from deployment and demobed through Ft Bliss. During the process I was placed under the care of Dr. Waterman for a tear in the labrum of my left arm that created massive instability. Several months into therapy another MRI revealed a tear in my right labrum. Four anchors were attached to my left and six in my right. Dr Waterman made sure to explain the surgery and rehabilitation process in great detail even under time constraints. He took full responsibility to see me fully recovered from the operations and maintained guidance through email even after I left his care. I finished rehab feeling stronger and more capable than ever before, moving forward in my mixed martial arts career as a 3-0 fighter. My athletic performance has not been hindered in the least by my prior injuries thanks to the care and precision of Dr Waterman.

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Dr. Brian Waterman, MD

  • Chief & Fellowship Director, Sports Medicine, Wake Forest
  • Team Physician, Wake Forest University, Chicago White Sox
  • Military affiliation/Decorated military officer and surgeon
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