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Non Operative Adhesive Capsulitis



• Outpatient pain medication and modalities . Ice, heat, ultrasound, etc

Apply modalities with shoulder at end range (comfortable) position (not arm at side)

A/AA/PROM:No limitations, focus on IR and ER at 90° ABD in supine position. Try to preserve as much IR and ER as possible.

• Emphasize GENTLE PROM to start

• Work in pain-free arc, but emphasize modalities to stretch.

• Work on full flexion and abduction. Emphasize glenohumeral motion, block scapulothoracic motion with abduction/ flexion from 0-80°.

• Rotator cuff and scapular stabilization program exercises.  Begin at 0° and progress to 45°/90° as tolerated pain-free

• Home Exercise program: Stretches to be done 3-4 times a day for 1-15 minutes per session



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Dr. Brian Waterman, MD

  • Chief & Fellowship Director, Sports Medicine, Wake Forest
  • Team Physician, Wake Forest University, Chicago White Sox
  • Military affiliation/Decorated military officer and surgeon
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